MDC Condemns Xenophobic Violence Against Zimbabweans in South Africa


Press Statement

MDC Condemns Xenophobic Violence Against Zimbabweans in South Africa

The current wave of xenophobic violence against foreigners, including Zimbabweans in South Africa is totally unacceptable.
As MDC, we strongly condemn the attacks on innocent Zimbabweans and other foreigners who are just trying to survive. Many of the people caught up in this wave of brutal hatred are actually victims of violence, persecution and destitution created by Zanu PF back home.
It is also shocking that the attacks in Durban, Johannesburg and other places happened directly as a result of statements attributed to the Zulu king and the president’s son, asking foreigners to “pack their bags and leave South Africa. Although the statements have now been retracted, this did not stop South African hooligans attacking foreigners.
We applaud the statements by President Zuma condemning the violence and calling on the police to act decisively against violent mobs carrying out these gruesome attacks. However, we also are alive to the fact that the issue is political and, therefore, needs a political solution.
Zimbabwe is in crisis. That is the reason why so many people are fleeing to neighbouring countries and farther afield. The problem stems from an illegitimate government that has got no formula for resolving the deep-rooted political and economic problems afflicting the country. Only outside pressure can push the Harare administration to do the right thing and South Africa should be actively looking for a solution instead of treating Zimbabwwean refugees as enemies.
As a party, the MDC is totally against violence.
We support the petition to the South African government, delivered on behalf of Parliament on Wednesday by Honourable Jessie Majome. Further to the demand for an end to the barbaric violence and prosecution of offenders,
Immediately, we call upon the South African authorities to secure the lives of all Zimbabweans within their borders. we also urge the South African government to assist all people displaced by this unfortunate wave of xenophobic violence.

Thank you.

Issued by Honourable Senator Lilian Timveos,
Secretary for Domestic Affairs,
Movement for Democratic Change, Zimbabwe.,
MDC, Harvest House, 144 Nelson Mandela Avenue, Harare