MDC Condemns Grace Mugabe’s Statement On Farmers

MDC Condemns Grace Mugabe’s Statement On Farmers

The Movement for Democratic Change strongly condemns the reckless utterances by Mrs Grace Mugabe in which she denigrated farmers who were dispossessed of their properties by Zanu PF without compensation.
Mrs Mugabe’s statement amounts to adding insult to injury considering the grave injustices that have been perpetrated on more than 6 500 productive farm owners across Zimbabwe.
The claim by Mrs Mugabe that one farner offered her $10 million to reverse the chaotic Zanu PF land grab is atrocious.
For the record, the land seizures initiated by Zanu PF in 2000 were illegal, racist, inhumane and a gross violation of both human and international property rights. The grim results are there for all to see: lawlessness and shortages which have reduced Zimbabwe to being a net importer of food.
Mrs Mugabe and her family own numerous farms as a result of this disorderly and partisan land reform exercise.
The MDC repeats its call for a land audit. We also call for full compensation of all affected farmers by the state. Additionally, we call for an end to insults on the victims as a way of seeking solutions to the damaging farm crisis in Zimbabwe.
Thank you.

Issued By Honourable Senator Lilian Timveos, MDC Alternative Minister and Spokesperson for Home Affairs.


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