MDC Condemns Police Brutality

MDC Condemns Police Brutality

The Movement for Democratic Change strongly condemns the brutal
attacks by the police on MDC members while demonstrating for jobs in
Harare on Monday, August 18.
We are horrified that seven of our members, including Harare MP,
Honourable Ronia Bunjira, were tortured while in police custody after
being arrested while protesting peacefully. We hold the Zanu PF
government responsible for the actions of its rogue, partisan and
unprofessional officers.
A magistrate has ordered an investigation into these unlawful actions
by the police. MDC urges the Prosecutor-General to investigate those
charges of torture and bring the offending officers to justice. We
call for an end to the impunity which the ZRP has enjoyed while
applying barbaric and unconstitutional methods of law enforcement.
The police and the prosecuting authorities need to be reminded that
peaceful demonstrations are permitted by Section 59 of the
Constitution of Zimbabwe. We maintain that our members are innocent
until proven otherwise. It is totally false that these cadres gathered
with the intention of causing public violence. All they were asking
for is for Zanu PF to fulfil its election promises of creating jobs
for the people.
Instead of wasting state resources chasing impoverished and hungry
people demanding their rights, the ZRP should go out and arrest real
criminals for a change. Our members deserve justice and we demand it.
Thank you.

Issued by Honourable Senator Lilian Timveos, MDC-T Alternative
Minister and Spokesperson for Home Affairs.
Mobile 263 779 701 082.


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