Who is Honourable Senator Lilian Timveos?


Honourable Senator Lilian Timveos was appointed Senator for the Midlands Province, covering 28 constituencies, in August 2013. She was elected Chairperson of the Senate Thematic Committee on HIV/AIDS. The Movement for Democratic Change President, Dr M.R.Tsvangirai, subsequently appointed Hon. Senator Timveos Alternative Minister and Spokesperson for Home Affairs, a role she has used effectively to keep the government in check and to articulate MDC-T positions on crucial issues.
Honourable Senator Timveos has worked very hard to maintain party unity and cohesion in the Midlands South Province, where she has been MDC-T Provincial Chairperson since 2010. She was instrumental in saving the lives of thousands of MDC-T supporters and officials from the clutches of Zanu PF militias in Mberengwa, often accommodating some of the victims in her own home. She and her family also contributed immensely towards the liberty of thousands of falsely arrested and accused activists, providing bail money and fines.
At the most dangerous time in Zimbabwe’s democratic struggle, Honourable Senator Lilian Timveos showed incredible courage, leadership and resolve, alongside her husband, Michael Timveos, the MDC-T Alternative Member of Parliament for Zvishavane-Ngezi constituency. Because of those sacrifices and the immense financial contributions which she and her family made, Hon. Timveos was elected Provincial Treasurer for the Midlands Province. Later, she was voted Provincial Chairperson, a position which she holds and for which she is seeking re-election.
Born in Kwe Kwe in 1973, Hon Timveos attended Vainona High School in Harare. She married Michael Timveos and the couple has three children. Sen. Timveos continued academic studies and obtained qualifications in Accounting and Administration, which were vital for her family and personal business.
Honourable Timveos is a succesful businesswoman in her own right, being the owner and director of Rainbow Early Childhood Development Centre for the last 22 years. She has used her success in business to empower others, setting up co-operatives, business associations and groups for disadvantaged people. She has also provided funeral assistance in the form of food, transport and other resources for less fortunate members of the community.
As a national leader, Senator Timveos has done a lot maintain party unity and highlight the issues that matter to Zimbabweans. Alongside MDC-T Deputy President Thokozani Khupe, she raised awareness on cancer and got the nation talking about an issue that was otherwise forgotten by state authorities. As a result of this sustained pressure from the MDC, Zimbabwe now has a state cancer testing centre.
Hon Senator Timveos has also been instrumental in highlighting issues to do with human trafficking, police corruption and political violence.
Among the many functional community projects that Senator Timveos has initiated is the Zvishavane Women’s Housing Co-operative.
Despite all the sacrifices that Senator Timveos’ has made, she remains focussed on her vision for a democratic Zimbabwe.
“I look forward to a New Zimbabwe, a democratic nation where the government will be accountable to the people,” Hon Timveos told her website, http://www.liliantimveos.wordpress.com. “I look forward to a country and government that’s corruption-free. i look forward to a country where parents will be able to feed their children and send them to school.”
For these and man reasons, Hon. Senator Timveos is referred to as “Mother” throughout Zimbabwe. Vote for her whenever you can.


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