Senator Timveos Takes Govt to Task Over Human Trafficking Bill Delays

The Shadow Minister of Home Affairs, Honourable Senator Lilian Timveos has questioned government over delays in bringing the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Bill to Parliament. Senator Timveos asked the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Mr Ziyambi Ziyambi about the delays during Question Time in the Senate on 27th February 2014.
On 3rd january, President Robert Mugabe gazetted temporary measures to deal with trafficking. The regulations are set to expire on 2nd July 2014, by which time an Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act must be in place. The delays in bringing the Bill to Parliament have been condemned as there will be very little time for debate and consultation among stakeholders.


SENATOR TIMVEOUS: Thank you Madam President for
giving me this opportunity. My question goes to the Deputy Minister of
Home Affairs. In January, the President gazetted temporary measures to
deal with human trafficking. Where is the Bill and how are you dealing
with the cases? Just recently, I was reading in the paper, there was a
lady who was trafficking girls to Saudi Arabia and she was caught with
22 girls. She was actually lying to them that there were jobs and they
were going to be working as house maids. Meanwhile, they were going
to be enslaved as sex slaves. I was happy when I heard about the Bill.
When is it coming to Parliament and as it is right now, how are you
dealing with the cases of human trafficking? There is also another lady
who was caught trafficking girls to Ghana. Thank you so much.

ZIYAMBI): Thank you Madam President and hon. senator for that
question. The hon. senator answered herself when she said the President
invoked temporary powers to put that law into action. In Zimbabwe, the
law is in force. The President invoked his powers, enacted it and it is
already working. Anyone who is caught in human trafficking can be
prosecuted. However, we are in the process because when the President
invokes his powers, we are given a timeline to regularise the law and
bring it into the House so that the Bill can be passed. Within the next
few days, we will be tabling the Bill in Parliament so that the process
can be done and the Bill regularised. I thank you.
SENATOR MUTSVANGWA: My question is directed to the
Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development. We welcome
the long overdue


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