Senator Timveos Rejects “Radio Chokwadi” Lies

Monday 03 March 2014.
“Senator Lilian Timveos would like to dismiss with contempt the comments and insinuations published by Radio Chokwadi on Facebook on Sunday 2nd February 2014. Senator Timveos demands an immediate removal of those comments and photograph from Facebook or any publishing platform. Failure to comply within 48 hours will result in legal action being taken against Facebook and the originators of the offensive posts and substantial damages being claimed.
People want to hear stories about their leaders, yes, but not these lies. The picture you published of Senator Timveos and Dr Tsvangirai is not secret as you imply. It is on her 2014 calendar, which is displayed prominently in her husband’s office and home and has been distributed to hundreds of supporters in Zimbabwe. She has also shared it on social networks with family and friends.
For the record, Senator Timveos is happily married and has been living with her husband Michael, with whom she has four nchildren, for 22 years.
It is totally false that Senator Timveos got into the Senate through the back door, as you state in one of your posts. She is the chairperson of the Midlands South Province, the only woman to head an MDC province, which is something for all Zimbabweans to celebrate. She qualified for a Senate post as a senior party official in the province. She totally rejects your claim that she rose to a senior position in the party by making up to anyone. She worked for the party during a very dangerous time in Zimbabwe’s history. She put herself and her family at great risk to save the lives of many people from Zanu PF militias, especially in Mberengwa. It is very sad that after so many sacrifices, you try to destroy her work through falsehoods. It is also sad that in Zimbabwe any woman who serves her community with passion and becomes recognized is labeled as loose. This targetting of women and damaging their reputations through lies is wholly unacceptable and should come to an end.”


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