MDC Demands Prosecution of Corrupt Parastatal Bosses

Press Release from Senator Lilian Timveos,
Shadow Minister and MDC Spokesperson for Home Affairs
MDC Demands Prosecution Of Corrupt Parastatal, Municipal Bosses
The Movement for Democratic Change demands the immediate prosecution of individuals involved in corruption in parastatals, municipalities and all public offices in Zimbabwe.
It is shocking that the country’s Police Service has failed in its mandate to secure government property and resources, which are being looted left, right and centre by the very people appointed to protect them.
For the Police to say they cannot act on corrupt parastatal bosses because they have not received reports from their employers is totally absurd. Why are they so fast to descend on MDC activists accused of petty crimes, even when there is no evidence, only to incarcerate the wrong people. What is the Police Serious Fraud Squad doing if not investigating grand theft at Air Zimbabwe, ZBC, PSMAS, ZESA and Harare City Council.
Corruption is a crime in Zimbabwe with statutory penalties. It can be investigated by any police officer without the intervention or interference of the President or Minister.
We, therefore, demand action from the Zimbabwe Republic Police to investigate and bring to justice all individuals involved in corruption in our parastatals. This includes grand theft through inflated salaries and benefits.
We take great exception to the remarks attributed to Vice President Joice Mujuru, to the effect that corruption should only be investigated by the President’s Office. She also allegedly further said corruption could not be discussed by the public in the media. Although these remarks appear to have been retracted, it is common knowledge that the current so-called anti-corruption drive is the usual charade which will fizzle out as soon as Zanu PF’s feuding factions decide to end it.
What we want is an Independent Commission to investigate corruption crimes in Zimbabwe.
For the Vice-President to blame the press for statements attributed to her is a sad development. That kind of warped logic characterizes her party of governance misfits, which has ruined Zimbabwe through 34 years of wrong policies, corruption and outright theft of public resources. Otherwise how do these mega-scandals continue to happen when we have in charge highly paid party officials who claim to have the people’s mandate?
The President’s Office, with its vast network of spies, has always known about these corrupt activities but they did nothing about it. No significant person has ever been brought to the law courts or prosecuted. This is why the matter has now been brought to the court of public opinion through the media and the elite culprits are being exposed and shamed.
We are not surprised by Mrs Mujuru’s fear of investigations or public exposure. She was in charge of such parastatals as ZBC, when she was Information minister and superintended over the mobile phone licence scandal, and Minister of Water when the Zinwa scandal rolled into motion. We also must question her role as Vice President in charge of collapsed parastatals such as National Railways of Zimbabwe, which she was mandated to revive.
We strongly dismiss Zanu PF’s attempts to divert attention through political gimmicks. Corruption is a cancer which is eating away the fabric of our society and stealing our children’s future. We have to deal decisively with it by choosing now to start prosecuting offenders instead of protecting them in the name of ideology or party politics. There should be no sacred cows.
To contact Senator Timveos, email:


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