Senator Timveos Secures Support For Cancer Policy Reform

Senator Lilian Timveos’ motion in the Senate, calling for a comprehensive government policy on cancer, has received widespread bi-partisan support in the National Assembly.
Senator Timveos used her maiden speech in the Senate in November to rally support for cancer patients.
In the ensuing public discussions, however, some debate has focussed narrowly on the possible need for a levy to set up a Cancer Fund. Sen. Timveos defended her motion, saying it covered much more than the need for such a cancer fund.
“What I proposed was more than just a new tax on workers. Even if there was a levy on workers, how much would that raise, considering that more than 80 percent of the population is unemployed? What I am calling for is innovation in raising support to help fellow Zimbabweans who are affected by cancer,” Sen. Timveos said in a statement.
Below is the motion. Sen. Timveos’ Maiden Speech is available via Hansard, on the Parliament of Zimbabwe website,

Mover: Hon. Timveos
Seconder: Hon. Marava


“Recalling that the month of October is breast cancer month.
Concerned by the number of people, especially women, dying from breast, cervical and other cancers.
Alarmed by the situation of cancer patients in terms of accessibility of treatment in the country.
Also alarmed that cancer treatment is beyond the reach of many patients, especially women.
Now, therefore,
Recommends that the Government comes up with a clear Policy Document in respect of awareness, counselling, screening for cancer, the treatment of cancer and charges to be levied on cancer patients.”
For more information, e-mail Senator Timveos:


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